Salice is the Great City in the Tree. It serves as the capital of Willowcrest and is the inspiration for the name of the kingdom.


Ages ago, a nomadic clan of elves stumbled upon an isolated, extremely fertile countryside. At its center was a lonely peak, too short to be called a mountain and to tall to be called a hill, topped by an equally lonely willow tree. The elves settled the countryside and began to magically cultivate the lonely willow.

Centuries passed and the city of Salice grew around and under and up through that massive willow.

Districts of the City

Canopy Estates is the high class district. It is populated by lesser nobles and affluent merchants living in beautiful villas perched along the massive boughs of the great tree. King Bavila I resides in a grand palace at the highest reaches.

Trunk Tower is home to the middle class and many shop fronts.

Root Town is the underbelly of Salice. Crime riddles the lower classes.


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