The Kingdom of Willowcrest is a large and prosperous nation.

Salice is the capital of Willowcrest. It is the seat of rule for King Bavila I and where he can call together the Council of Seven Lords in times of crisis.

Willowcrest is divided into seven provinces, each of which is ruled by a member of the Council of Seven Lords:


Willowcrest’s extremely fertile land has brought its residents much turmoil since its founding. The elves came first, as they so often do, driving out the native goblin population and taming the wild lands.

Rumors spread across the world of bountiful harvests and lush gardens. Dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and humans all came in time, first as invaders then as immigrants. These civilized races soon learned to work together when threatened by greater enemies.

The armies of Willowcrest saw little rest through the centuries as one monstrous invasion gave way to another.


The people of Willowcrest worship a number of gods:

Edlen Bolan Rodart Sagar Styler
Erton Arkel Alper Patar Gemmons
Cartana Janlin Dawie Jimix Neng


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