Getting Started

World Building

  • Cities and Towns
    • Local leaders
    • Notable locations
    • Historical events
  • Religions (Deity Chart)
    • Rites and practices
    • Temple services
    • Travelling clergy
    • Relics and symbols
    • Splintering sects
      • Related or opposed cults
  • Guilds
  • Famous Characters Past and Present
    • War heroes
    • Local legends
    • Noble houses
  • Calendar – Salical Reckoning
    • Historical events
    • Holidays and observances

Character Creation (both PCs and NPCs)

  • Nearly all characters come from somewhere in Willowcrest.
    • Any race available can be from any province.
  • The richer the character’s back story, the better.
    • Player characters need some motivation or desire leading them to Eastvin to start the campaign.
  • Any character history specifics should be added to the shared world context in this wiki, such as hometowns, guild/political associations, famous ancestors, etc…
  • Each character should be tagged with its race and, if applicable, its class.

Getting Started

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