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  • Great Minotaur War

    The Great Minotaur War was an invasion of Minotaur forces coming out of the southern mountains. Over sixty some year, waves and waves of raiders swept across [[Sinon]] and [[Huerto]]. [[:king-bavila | Bavila Crusher]] rose through the ranks during …

  • Salical Reckoning

    Like our own Earth, [[Willowcrest]] has years that last 365 1/4 days, however the scholars have divided the year into 13 months of 28 days (4 weeks) each. This leaves 1 intercalary day each year or 2 every fourth year. The years are counted from when [[: …

  • Northern Giant Invasion

    An army of giants amassed in the north mountains, invading southward into [[Willowcrest]]. [[:jack-deltango | Jack Deltango]] famously turned back the invasion with his radical guerrilla techniques.

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